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Brett Melke has practised in the area of animal law so extensively that he has a thorough knowledge of the services that can be employed to assist your pet and your legal case.

Brett Melke is able to refer you to a range of animal behaviourists and trainers depending on what purpose the trainer or behaviourist is sought for.

We can refer you to scientists who can assist in the identification of your dog’s breed, special services for handling the death of your pet, dog whisperers.

He is able to refer you to companies that supply specific items necessary for compliance with dangerous dog/menacing dog declarations.

He can refer you to a genetic scientist to assist with identification of your dog’s breed.

Brett Melke has the experience to advise you in relation to security measures suitable to reduce the risk of your pet escaping your property, especially where council is prosecuting you for an incident relating to your pet escaping your property.

Brett Melke can assist you with the obtaining of permits relating to animals and businesses involving animals, such as dog breeding and rearing establishments.

We also provide advice as to actions domestic animal businesses must take in order to conduct their business in accordance with law.


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