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Melbourne’s Dog Laws Expert

It takes someone with a unique range of legal experience to represent you in matters  involving your pets. Issues of administrative law are central to these matters, contract law and criminal law.

Brett Melke is the principal lawyer of Melke Legal. Without the substantial experience a lawyer like Brett Melke has in all these areas of law over a period of more than twenty years of legal practice, it is impossible to properly represent your pet.

Brett Melke, dog lawyer, has handled many cases involving dogs including dozens of cases involving each of the matters listed as our areas of practise. Whilst Brett Melke has the experience to practice in other areas of law therefore, he has chosen to practice in this area in following his original desire as a young boy to be a zoologist, which somehow deviated into law and now a unique crossbreed of professional.

Brett Melke, dog lawyer, has handled these matters through all levels of the court system, from Magistrates Court and VCAT through to the County Court and The Appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

Brett Melke conducted the first Supreme Court appeal to successfully set aside a council declaration of a dog as a restricted breed under the 2011 changes to the Domestic Animals Act.

Brett Melke conducted the first prosecution of a dog breeder pursuant to the 2012  “puppy farm” legislation.

Because Brett Melke handles matters involving animals and dogs on a daily basis and this area of law is his major area of practice, Brett Melke is up to date with the latest legal developments in the area and can provide immediate practical advice.

We also provide advice in relation to personal injury claims that may be brought against a pet owner whose dog has attacked someone and caused injury.

Brett Melke has experience prosecuting rogue dog owners and guard dog companies. The experience of both prosecuting these matters and defending them is invaluable when defending charges brought by councils against pet owners.

Note: We do not represent persons claiming for personal injury damages against a dog owner.
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