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Learn More About Pet Laws in Melbourne

Just like people, dogs and other pets live in a world governed by laws. But when those pets become entangled in legal proceedings, their owners can’t turn to a regular lawyer for help.

Our unique firm represents those whose dogs or other pets have become involved in a legal battle. We understand how much you love and value your pets. We’ll use our understanding and dedication to ensure you receive a positive outcome in any of the following legal areas.

Melke Legal, Animal Lawyer, for any case involving animals

Brett Melke has provided fearless representation in over 200 animal cases. By working with animal behaviourists, dog trainers and allied animal services, he can thoroughly explore every aspect of your case and build a solid defence.

Melke Legal can assist you with any of the following:

  • Charges involving dog attacks or rushes
  • Dangerous or menacing dog declarations
  • Destruction of dog applications and orders
  • Barking dog disputes
  • Restricted breed declarations
  • Breeder and purchaser disputes
  • Legal issues regarding a domestic animal business

Our firm has defended animals at all court levels in the state, including VCAT, Magistrates Courts, County Courts and the Supreme Court. No matter where you live in Victoria, we can give you the defence you and your pet deserve.

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