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Learn More About Pet Laws in Melbourne

Your pet is your closest companion. They depend on you for care and protection, and in return, they offer their loyalty and love. When pets like dogs are faced with legal disputes, it’s up to you to protect your pet from the law. Melke Legal can help you protect your pet. With our extensive experience with pet laws, we provide legal help for pet owners in the Melbourne area.

Melke Law is the law practice of Brett Melke, who has represented clients and their pets in more than 500 cases. Melke Legal is proud to be the first law firm to prosecute puppy farms and appeal to the Supreme Court for restrictions on dog breeding legislation. We care about your pets as much as you do, so you can count on us to work hard for you.

Contact Us for Any Case Which Involves Animals

Whether your dog has been accused of attacking someone or you are in a dispute with a neighbour over barking, Melke Law can help. We use our knowledge of legal practice in Australia and pet laws to help pet owners in a wide range of pet disputes, including:

  • Barking dog disputes
  • Disputes between breeders and purchasers
  • Dog attack charges
  • Domestic animal business issues
  • Restricted breed declarations

No matter what challenge faces you or your pet, turn to Melke Law for guidance and support. We work with animal trainers, behaviourists and allied animal services to build a strong case, which means you can rest assured that we’re working hard for you.

If you live in Victoria and face legal issues involving your dog or pet, contact Melke Law at 0431 529 581.

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